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Executive Coaching: Customized coaching sessions sponsored by an employer and contracted between me and the employee. This engagement focuses on the developmental goals of executive leaders and high-potential employees. These sessions are constructed as multi-session engagements to enhance the client’s goals and skill sets as well as improve performance and overall contribution to an organization and team.


Life Coaching: These 1:1 sessions are contracted between me and an independent individual who wants to work on their goals professionally and personally. We will work together to achieve these goals, identify roadblocks, discover hidden gems, and bring you closer to your desired life.


Group Coaching: In these sessions, I work with groups with a common interest in personal and professional development. This is usually a group hosted by a company, organization, or breakout group at an event. I create a program focused on development and leadership topics where we workshop  topics together.


Marketing Consulting + Content Creation: I will work closely with your team to create innovative and original creative solutions for you and your clients. As a seasoned marketer and creative, I conceptualize and create content that is on-trend, informative, and engaging. I have proven success in creating award-winning million-dollar ideas that win business and increase brand awareness and engagement. I have experience in creating digital, social, print and broadcast, events, and outdoor. 


Presenter: I am a seasoned public speaker who focuses on professional development with personal anecdotes that are relatable and motivating to my audience. My focus is on female empowerment and navigating the workplace as a woman, and a woman of color.

Moderator: I am a skilled moderator and can host a panel discussion that is in-depth, engaging, and exciting. I know how to authentically connect with people and generate conversations that are informative and inspiring.


Panel Guest: I am available to participate in panels that focus on professional and/or personal development, female empowerment, marketing, media, and what it is like being a woman of color in the corporate and entrepreneurial world.

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